Three of the worst fraud cases of 2009

Published: 26th February 2010
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In 2009 the headlines were filled with many reports of large and small scale scam cases. Here are five of the worse cases to affect individuals and businesses and shows the lengths criminals will go to, to scam. Starting with probably the most famous case, if I said fraud scheme you would say?
1. Bernard Madoff
The once well respected Mr Madoff was In charge of investments from several high profile individuals including Zsa Zsa. His Ponzi fraud scheme was discovered with losses totalling approximately $65bn for the defrauded investors. This included Gabor who has lost at least $7m. Madoff and his agents had targeted other famous people such as the Prince of Wales and were found to have over 100 signed cheques ready to be cashed, lying in his desk drawer. He is now serving 150 years in prison, the maximum sentence that can be imposed.
2. Wayne Gouvela
Wayne conned his girlfriend out of £14,000 by pretending he was a MI5 agent. He managed to convince Leanne McCarthy that her boss was trying to take her life by poisoning her with anthrax powder that would arrive in the mail. The fearful teenager let Wayne take charge of the incoming post so he could protect her by "decontaminating it", which meant he access to her personal and financial information such as bank accounts and PIN number. His scam worked by winning her trust and then draining her bank accounts of thousands of pounds. He used the signing of a bogus document he claimed to be a Official Secrets Act document as a convincer. Wayne Gouvela is now serving an eighteen month prison sentence.
3. Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer Inc was another of the big headline grabbers for its huge healthcare fraud scheme. The drugs giant was found guilty of making false claims about four prescription medications it sold, it was ordered to pay a total of $2.3bn. Included in that sum was $102m that was awarded to several whistleblowers. They informed the authorities after they became very concerned that the company was asking them to miss-sell drugs.
I'm sure you were shocked when you first heard about the Madoff and Pfizer cases. It just goes to show anyone can be scammed. To protect your business from becoming a fraud scheme victim then its worth attending a professional scam prevention conference such as the Marcus evans scam conferences and summits.

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